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Address: No.1  Taoyuan  Street,
Bingcaogang,  East District,
Panzhihua City,  Sichuan Province, P.R.China
Contact: Mr. JianJun Cao


About Us

About Us

 Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute(PISI), formerly known as Anshan Iron and Steel Research Institute and Southwest Iron and Steel Research Institute, was first incorporated in 1964 in Anshan in the northeast China.  In 1980’s it was merged into Pangang and affiliated to both Pangang (Group) Corp. and Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.  In 2000 it was transformed and listed among the 242 institutes directly subordinated to the state competent department.  Functioning as the core of the Pangang R&D center it spearheads in development of steel technologies, comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources.  Currently there are a number of operating sections, including Chengdu Branch, Metallurgical Research, Material Development, Vanadium and Environmental Technology Development, Titanium Development, Testing and Inspection, Sci &Tech Information,  Trial Plant,  New Material Pilot Base and Sci.&Tech Industry.  Besides, it has established labs jointly with Guangzhou Energy Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University, Zhongnan University, Changhong Group and so on.  It is equipped with sophisticated testing instrumentation, state of art technological development facilities and a strong technical force.  It boasts a China National Approved Lab(CNAL) authorized to perform inspection of metallurgical products, the earliest one of its kind in southwest of China.  Besides, the Sci &Tech Information Center is licensed to conduct prior art search to identify technical achievements in the metallurgical field.

 With qualification to undertake projects financed by Pangang and the State competent departments and capacity to perform international technical cooperation, it has made tremendous achievements in technical research in iron and steel metallurgy, new product development, utilization of vanadium and titanium resources.  Particularly, it is recognized as a pioneer in smelting

vanadium-bearing titaniferous magnetite ore in the blast furnace,V-recovery  from the BOF, heat treatment of high strength steel rails, development of V2O3, FeV80, vanadium nitride, titanium dioxide by chloride process,  nanometer TiO2.  Since its establishment it has made technical achievements totaling over 1400, of which 900 have won the National, Provincial, Municipal or the Company’s prizes for Progress in Science and Technology and 75% have been commercialized.  Every year, there are approximately 150 papers published in domestic and international journals.

 The institute has a staff of 600, of which engineers and technicians(including management personnel) accounts for 70%.  There are 21 outstanding experts entitled to special allowance by the State Council.  Besides, about 10 visiting scholars and professors are engaged from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and universities.  Approved by the Ministry of Personnel in 1999, it is qualified to carry out the Pangang’s Post-doctorial Program and undertake post-graduate education program jointly with universities.

 Through arduous efforts of all the staff, the institute not only plays a key role in developing steel, vanadium and titanium technologies and industrializing research achievements in Pangang, but also serves as the largest R&D base in southwest China specialized in development of new metallurgical process, technologies and materials.

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